Districts in Budapest – Where to invest in properties

The Hungarian capital has become an increasingly popular destination for real estate investors looking for opportunities in the different districts in Budapest. A new string of investment has restored the city’s architectural prowess and a thriving contemporary culture is driving new investment and increasing the demand for residential property.

The city of Budapest is divided into 23 districts, separated into two parts along the Danube river called Buda and Pest. The most popular districts amongst visitors are found downtown. The V., VII. and VII. districts are where some of the cities best neighborhoods are located. The neighborhoods boast a dynamic restaurant and bar scene, beautiful parks all nestled under a historical backdrop that makes these districts a prime target for potential investors.

Below is a summary of the main district popular with investors in Budapest:


List of districts in Pest

District V

The heart of the capital and the political, financial, commercial and tourist center of Hungary.  Home to the Hungarian parliament, St.Stephen’s Basilica and Váci shopping street, District V is where fine dining, tourist attractions, and well-kept neighborhoods come together. Property in District V is consistently in high demand making it an ideal and safe location for real estate investment.

District VI

A convenient central location lined with magnificent neo-renaissance mansions and art nouveau residences. The bustling neighborhood is a tourist hotspot and is an exceptional location for incoming residents.  The district has recently undergone major renovations is continuing to see improvements.

District VII

The inner part of the district is the historical Jewish quarter of Pest and has evolved into a high energy nightlife hub. It is the most densely populated district in Budapest and its central location makes it an ideal area for short-term tourists rentals.

District VIII

On the outskirts of the city center, the district is a less crowded and more affordable alternative to the central neighborhoods. Built in the 18th century as a suburb of Pest, it is lined with impressive historical buildings including the original parliament building and the now in very close proximity to the downtown area.

District IX

A dynamic and up-and-coming neighborhood with a community of students and families alike. The Corvinus and Semmelweis universities and Raday street with its music venues, restaurants and bars create a vibrant youthful atmosphere. Open green spaces and the Great Market Hall and its close proximity to the center make it an appealing option for property investment.

District XIII

Previously as an industrial area, it was rebuilt into a residential district in the second part of the 1920s. It has traditionally been a desirable neighborhoods for its proximity to Margaret island and the downtown core. The district is situated north from District V and consists of many Bauhaus style buildings.


Districts in Buda

District I

Home to the historic quarter of Buda, District I is characterized by its rolling hills and rich historical heritage. The district houses the famous Buda Castle, Fisherman’s Bastion, St. Matthias Church and the Hungarian National Gallery. Otherwise known as the castle district (Várkerület),  the neighborhood’s timeless beauty makes it a prime area for real estate investment.

District II

Those looking for a break from the busy downtown should look at the peaceful second district. The quiet neighborhoods and green spaces make it an ideal location for families. New luxury condominium developments and efficient transport links have increased the demand for property in this upscale neighborhood.

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