How to get a bank loan to buy a flat in Budapest – even if you’re not a Hungarian citizen


For those with a EU passport that are looking to purchase a property in Budapest, there are good available options to obtain a bank loan at attractive rates. The main condition is to be employed in Hungary and to be able to present a minimum of three months salary slips.

This makes purchasing a property in Budapest a viable and an excellent investment opportunity for expats,  as in some cases, pending their salary, expats may be able to get a bank mortgage of up to 70% of the purchase price.

The procedure of submitting a property loan application requires thorough understanding and familiarity with local banks, understanding of financial procedures, and quite a lot of bureaucracy, so it is highly recommended to  employ the services of an expert local mortgage consultant in order to obtain the mortgage in the best terms and interest rates. In order to offer just that, we’ve partnered with a leading consultant specialized in representing expats looking to finance the purchase of a property or properties in Budapest, and who’s available to answer your inquires and assist you with obtaining the required credit from the local bank.

For more details and dedicated assistance in receiving a loan from a Hungarian financial institute for the purpose of purchasing a residential property,  contact Janos Fekete,

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