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Looking for real estate agencies in Budapest? Our multilingual staff is here to assist you through the purchase process!

We provide a real-estate listings platform for real-estate agencies and private home owners. The properties listed on our platform are screened by a dedicated multilingual team and are checked before being published. This screening ensures the authenticity of the listed properties and eliminates duplication of listings.  In addition, this helps us check the quality and reliability of the properties and the agencies publishing their real-estate listings on our online platform.

As the real estate market in Hungary is very active, and high value properties are being sold quickly, it is possible that some of the properties listed have been sold, as the availability of the properties for sale is rapidly changing. In case a property you’re interested in has been already purchased, please don’t hesitate to share with us your requirements, and we’ll forward your inquiry to real estate agencies in Budapest we work with or home owners publishing on our site.

Our multilingual staff and the real-estate partners we work with are fluent in Hungarian, English, Russian, Hebrew, and Chinese; is well experienced in the Hungarian real estate market, and looking forward to assist you and answer any inquires you may have regarding maximizing the potential of your investment in Budapest, whether it’s a vacation home or a buy-to-let high yield property.

Are you looking to sell an apartment in Budapest?

If you are looking for real estate agencies in Budapest to help you sell your property, then we’re looking forward to assisting and representing you in the process. Through our diverse cooperation with various real-estate agencies, private investors and investment groups in Budapest, we have an extensive reach to buyers. We’re available to provide you with free consultation, marketing the property on our network of websites, connecting you with trusted property management and real-estate agencies we work with, or help with renting your property in the Hungarian capital.


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