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Renovation services in Budapest

A properly executed refurbishment of a property can increase its value substantially, in some cases by an astonishing 30%. The architects, interior designers and reliable construction teams we carefully selected to work with are ready to assist you in generating the maximum value from your property investment

Increase the value of your property

With more than a decade of experience in the residential real-estate scene in Budapest, we partnered along the way with some of the best individuals and companies in the industry to offer specialized renovation of classical apartments in Budapest downtown

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A turn-key solution

Interior design and full scale renovation services of classical property across Budapest, with a focus on A-to-Z remodelling work. From initial inspection and architectural planing, through on-the-ground dedicated project management and construction, to furnishing and home staging*


* we undertake only selected projects

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"I was amazed by the result of the renovation done at my flat, it went from a degraded and unattended old property to one of the most upscale properties I've seen"

Proper planning and division of a classical property will attract higher quality tenants, fetch higher rent, minimise vacancies, and increase the overall value of the property in the market

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Step By Step, What To Expect

Analysing the possibilities

After a thorough review of the property, recommendations for remodelling that balance between the restoration preferences of the landlord and the optimal yield generating possibilities of the property will be made, taking into account not only the size of the flat and its ceiling height, but also the nature of the neighbourhood, the target market of tenants to attract, and the most suited type of buy-to-let venue

Planning forward

A clear architectural plan will be prepared, revised and agreed upon before moving forward. During this timeframe, the style and decor of the flat will be projected using mood boards and graphic simulations. The final plan before starting the renovation should include all aspects of the refurbishment and construction, including water system, electrical scheme including plugs and lighting placements, material selection, and high-level furnishings list

Obtaining permits

Removal of walls, altering gas pipes, installing new water system and renewal works of a property in general requires obtaining permissions, these include structural technical survey of the internal walls, gas and water inspections from the relevant utility authority, and coordination of logistics with the house's common representation. For buy-to-let investment properties that are intended to be operated as short term rentals units, further permits will be required alongside registration in the relevant local municipality

Getting things done

At this point, construction work that doesn't require permissions have already started in order to save time, these can include removal of old furniture and old wooden floors for example. The progress of the refurbishment is constantly ongoing, with the the final steps before furnishing being precise flooring, fine carpentry work (new doors and windows) and painting

Furnishing and interior design

The refurbishment quality of a flat is measured by the attention to small details in its interior design and decor - it can be reflected in the lighting fixtures, in the way the kitchen drawers open softly, in the angle of natural light flowing through a room when opening a door, in the selection of which buttons are used to control the electrical shutters from the side of the bed, in the correct and elegant planning of hidden storage places across the flat, in how comfortable the sitting area is planned and how clever the work room is, and above all - in creating a feeling of space and hospitality, even if the flat is on the smaller side, through an accurate interior design vision

Renovation of an investment property doesn't only increase the immediate yield generated from rent payments, but also creates added value in the future in the form of capital growth

Types Of Home Renovation

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Luxury flats

The renovation of luxury flats or semi-luxury apartments that are aimed to be rented by professionals and expats living in Budapest require more exquisite decor and the usage of higher-end materials in order to attract higher paying tenants with long term contracts

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Student apartments

When renovating a property with the purpose of renting it to students, cheaper material and lower quality furnishing are often used. However -  specific considerations should be taken into account, such as that these types of flats are often rented by 2 or more flatmates

Airbnb apartments

When renovating and remodeling a property in order for it to be let for short-term rentals as an Airbnb flat, creative planning solutions will be required to get the most  potential yield out of the limited total sqm of the property, such as dividing it to smaller units

How much does a flat renovation cost?

Renovating a property in Budapest require consideration, planning, vision, and patience, especially when refurbishing a classical flat in an old restored building. The good news however are that these type of spacious properties, with their high ceilings and large antique widows, offer many amazing possibilities, whether refurnishing a recently purchased property as a buy-to-let investment or remodeling it for self living. As for pricing - due to the Hungarian capital being one of the most sought after destinations for real-estate investments, the demand for home renovations has skyrocketed over recent years, and with it the pricing. As a general rule, the cost for renovation (not including materials, paperwork and furnishing) is around 200.000ft per sqm (around €600)  for high quality construction work